The Voice of Meridian

Most Student at Meridian love Music as “Music is a piece of Art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.”

Many aspiring singers join in the singing battle each year for their voice to be heard and recognized. The voice of Meridian is a great way to gain exposure in the wider audience and to be discovered in the music industry. It’s also the best way to improve their singing technique, quality of voice and to build up confidence as a performer.

It’s also the best way to get exposure in the music industry and has a chance to meet famous and experienced singers, coaches or people who could potentially help them in the future. Singing competition is designed to test their abilities against other contestants and help them develop their singing style.

The Voice of Meridian singing competition is designed to test student’s abilities against other contestants. Their respective teachers help them to showcase their talent in the best way they can.

This competition is being done annually to discover students with singing potentials. Each contestant will compete against each other by performing in front of the Judges. The Judges at the end of the competition will announce the winners in each category.

The voice of Meridian in is one way or another helps the students discover their talents and has a chance to compete in several singing competitions worldwide. This is a great opportunity to explore for the winners to level up and explore the world with their talents.