Creative Art

Welcome to the Creative Arts Department at MIS. We are very fortunate to have an enthusiastic team of specialist teachers, who bring with them boundless energy, experience and drive to continue to strive for excellence within the school.

The department’s vision is to create an environment in which students feel inspired and confident to develop new skills in Music, Drama and Art. We are committed to a personalized atmosphere of self-esteem, respect, enthusiasm and cooperation. It is our aim to provide compelling experiences and opportunities for the diverse student population so they are empowered in their pursuit of sustained academic excellence through the arts. Challenging students, both academically and creatively, we provide extensive creative skills that meet and adhere to our Curriculum in Music, Drama and Art. We aim to increase the students’ understanding of the arts through innovative teaching approaches including cross-curricular activities, clubs and enrichment opportunities.


Art covers a range of activities and in-depth assignments. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with different media in order to explore their strengths and preferences. They will produce a coursework portfolio as well as art project work. Recording, research and development of ideas are carried out in a sketchbook and themes are developed through drawing, printmaking, painting, textiles, sculpture, installations, photography and ICT.


Students will learn a full range of drama skills through practical workshops. They will experience working with scripts and use improvisation to devise their own Drama. There will be many opportunities to perform regularly and take on roles in school productions.


Students are allowed to develop a variety of skills in Music. Each skill is gradually developed through topics such as Music Theory, Musical Performance, Composition Skills and Music Listening. All students are encouraged to use both peer and self-assessment techniques to improve musical skill and knowledge. Every week students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities such as Guitar, Drums, Piano, Vocal and Violin Clubs. Students will be able to take part in school musical productions and concerts throughout the school year.

There are well-documented academic benefits to studying music and children who take lessons on an instrument from a young age stimulate the brain in a unique way.