Our Year Groups

Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum by providing a broad, balanced, education which is enhanced by the Pearson Edexcel programme. Students will build on and consolidate the skills and knowledge which they have learnt in the Primary School. Secondary programme of study aims to develop the key skills to enable our students to embrace lifelong learning required for our ever-changing globalized world.

For many students they will experience the onset of adolescence at some point during these years. It is therefore appropriate that students of this age experience an educational environment that will help them to learn and help them to cope with the mental and physical changes that occur during adolescence. 

The aims of Secondary

  • To allow students to develop further as independent, inquisitive, creative, critical thinkers and learners.
  • To allow students to develop as individual personalities while maintaining consideration and compassion for others.
  • To act as a transition phase between the primary education and the onset of courses leading to external examinations (GCSEs and the ZNO).


The assessment of a student’s progress is carried out via a mix of classwork tasks, assignments and homework tasks and, of course, tests and examinations. Teachers comment frequently on progress via the school’s Educare Learning Management System which means parents can feel confident that they always have an up to date impression of their child’s progress and performance.

All students in the secondary will be guided through a balanced and rich selection of courses and subjects during their first years of secondary schooling. The pedagogical style of teaching within the secondary endeavours to meet the needs of the individual student and to engage and extend them in their academic development. It is a very exciting time for the students as they move from the primary to the secondary school with the increased responsibility and individualism that entails. For some it can be stressful, we aim to make the transition from primary schooling as painless and as stress-free as possible and to make them feel as prepared as possible when they embark on their examination courses in grade 11.


Homework is a key part of the education here at MIS and parents are encouraged to keep a close eye on the homework tasks your children are undertaking. Homework is planned to extend and consolidate the learning and will be a mix of short and long term tasks and assignments. How can you help your child during these years?

  • Show a keen interest in, and appreciation of, the work being done.
  • Encourage your child to take more responsibility for his/her own learning: to complete homework punctually and prepare thoroughly for tests and assessments.
  • Support and encourage your child through these formative years by paying attention to their sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.
  • Try to provide the materials/resources at home which will support learning.
  • Monitor homework/assessment grades to ensure good progress is being made.
  • Contact the school if you feel progress is unsatisfactory or if you need further advice to support your child’s progress.


Early in Grade 9, students have the opportunity to sit an on-line careers and aptitude test which allows students to gain an idea of how their interests and academic skills match with possible careers.